I cannot believe it has been 5 days since my last post. I was sure I posted this weekend. Unfortunately, you lose track of time when you lose focus. My previous post was about taking time to pause, and I really needed that. In a future video, I will discuss all of the new milestones that have occurred in my life, but one particular one is my move. I recently moved to a new state because I got married (YAY!!!). I love my new home, and I have started to establish a routine there. However, I still have a business in my home state due to a blessing God gave me, so I have to travel back once a month. Well, this week is my first month coming back, and my first time being away from my husband for more than a couple of hours since our marriage. Your girl struggled this weekend, knowing she had to leave her husband and her comfortable routine.

I know I may not be the only one who battles with leaving the comfort. You establish your routine, you have a consistent support system, and then it’s all uprooted suddenly. Now, I know I will be back home in no time, but sometimes it is the fear of the unknown that makes the situation worse. Regardless of how you feel, you usually have things that must get done, this is when you have to refocus. Refocusing allows you to analyze what you have and how you can use it or navigate it to accomplish your goals.  As a society, we like to refocus at the beginning of the new year. However, we can get off track in a day, so it is essential to refocus daily. So, below I decided to give some tips on how to refocus.

  1. Make your goals. I know that it is a tradition for a lot of people to make goals at the beginning of the year, and I absolutely love making goals during that time. However, I also make goals throughout the year. Any time I need to refocus, I write out my goals again. I like to compare these goals to previously written ones to determine what has changed. Once you have your goals, make sure that everything you do in your life is to help complete those goals. Even think of your job as a way to achieve those goals. Your job can be a vessel for you operating in your passions or giving you the financial backing for your passion. It is tough to focus if you have nothing to focus on, and your goals give you what you need.
  2. Fill in your calendar. As I have mentioned before, I am a planner addict, I love planners, planning, and all that comes with it. If you do not know what you have due, then it is hard to have something to focus on. I encourage you to get a planner, use a calendar app, or download free calendars/planners from online and fill in all of your due dates, appointments, and important events. Make sure you add your goals somewhere on the calendar. You can also look into what goal you want to focus on for each month if that works for you.  With all of that written out, you can see what needs to be focused on, which goes into the next tip.
  3. Make a daily to-do list. Once you know what your primary focus is for the day along with other must-do tasks, develop a to-do list that can be used to guide your day. Make sure this list is centered primarily on the main tasks on your calendar or your goals for the year. If you have anything that must be done, but you feel like it does not connect to any major events or goals, think of ways it can fit. Visualizing how a task fits within your goals can give you the encouragement you need to finish the task. Checking off my to-do list always shows me how productive I have been. Also, it can help you realize what activities you tend to spend most of your time on.

These are just a few tips on how to refocus. I hope you can use them to move towards our goals for the year. Comment below some of your goals or how you refocus?

Today’s Prayer

God, thank you for your presence. I want to refocus my mind, and I want to make sure I focus on you first. Lord, I ask that you guide me towards what I should be focusing on and how I can spend my time on each item. I also pray that I continue to put you first and spend time with you daily. I know that having you in my life daily will always help me stay focused. Thank you in advance for your blessings.

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Family Nurse Practitioner pursuing a life of research and education by earning a Ph.D. in Nursing. Passionate about wellness, music, books, and sleep. Alabama born and raised. UAB Alum & Grad Student.

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