Hello, I am Shameka or Mek, Welcome to Meek Life, where I discuss all thinks meek and my passion for wellness, music, books, and sleep. 

Meek Life is essentially a wellness blog that discusses all thinks meek or Mek. I think meekness is about submitting to life’s lessons and growing from them. So, I am throwing away the narrative that meek is synonymous with weakness. It takes a lot of courage to be uncomfortable and to learn from life’s lessons. I want to help others do the same while trying to achieve and maintain overall wellness. My mantra is “wellness is the key to longevity and success”. I also believe that the core foundations of wellness  are mental, physical, and spiritual health. Therefore, I want to share resources that can help you on that journey. 

Another essential foundation of wellness is sleep. I actually believe that sleep is the key to maintaining and achieving wellness. Poor sleep impacts our entire bodies, physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a PhD in Nursing student studying pediatric sleep health disparities, I want to share with you the importance of and how you can improve your sleep. 

In order to be well, I think one must have passions and a place for happiness fuel. My happy places are found within the pages of a good book and the subtle notes of a soulful song.  I have been an avid reader and music listener since I was a child. As an adult, reading and listening to music have been wellness essentials. To share my passions and help your wellness journeys, I will share book reviews from my  inspirational, wellness, and self-help books. I will also share playlist to supplement your wellness journey or to generate good vibes.  


So, who is Shameka?

I am a “southern girl”, as Frankie Beverly would say, from small town Alabama- Georgiana

Wife, Only Child, and Sister Friend

Avid Reader, Book Reviewer, and Playlist Maker (I’m my own personal DJ).

Family Nurse Practitioner, PhD Student, and Wellness Blogger

*Learn more about my nursing and professional experience on my portfolio page. 

Through this blog , I hope to inspire you to live a life of overall wellness and use every lesson learned as opportunity to grow closer to your goals and purpose.  If you have any questions, requests, or prayer needs please feel free to complete the contact form below.


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